World Cup 2018 predictions

During the World Cup in Russia, take part in the World Cup predictions game and win cash prizes. £5 to enter. Deadline Saturday 9th June

How does it work: – Entry / Group stages

• Enter scores for the Group stages on the sheet attached
• Also enter who you think will get the Golden Boot (most goals), Runner up of the World Cup, Winner of the WC and predict the total tournament goals (Group and KO).
• By entering your scores, this will generate what you think the Group tables will be.
• All of your predictions such as match scores, Golden Boot, Runners Up, Winners, Total goals and Group table positions can score you points.
• There is also bonus points for people who can predict the 5 or more correct results in each group.
• There will be an entry deadline

Example of prediction points

You will have to predict Russia v Saudi Arabia. You go with 2-0 Russia. The score finishes 2-0. You get 1 point for the correct result and 2 points for guessing the correct score = 3pts. If the score was to be 1-0, 3-0, 2-1 to Russia then you would only get 1 pt for the correct result (0 pts for correct score). Likewise, if you predict 2-0 to Russia and it’s a draw or Saudi Arabia win then you will get 0 pts for both Result and score. NB: Score will have to be for the correct team i.e. Russia would have to win 2-0 not if either team win 2-0.

After all games in group stages are complete, points will be handed out for predicting the correct order in the group and for getting 5 or more results correct.

How does it work: – Knockout stages

• Once group stages are nearing completion, I will send out the 2nd round fixtures (same for future rounds)
• This will be subject to a tight deadline
• Scores can be provided by phone, text, email but will have to be with me by the deadline set (will be confirmed), otherwise predictions for that round will not count
• Scores will be based on ‘after 90 mins’
• If you predict a draw, you will have to predict the winner following the draw. You will get a bonus point for guessing the winner if this is the case. NB: You do not have predict the way in which the predicted team to proceed goes through i.e. Pens.

Entry Form is here

£5, deadline for entry by Sat 9th June. Must receive payment by start of Tournament.

Please send entry forms to: